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Musical artists Cathy Richardson, Swolts, John Lawler, Dustin Parker, Ray Hibbs, Greg Brucker, Brian Gingrich, Wendy Morgan, Myron Silberstein, Funkhouse
Music Samples
Featuring Tom Krol ~ edited from their full-length versions
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Ayamonte (edited)
Tom Krol - composer, recording and mixing sound engineer, all guitars, drums, percussion, drums and drum loop programming. Alan Berliant - bass. © 2000 Tom Krol Music, ASCAP
The Diver (edited)
Tom Krol - composer, musician of all instruments, sound engineer, producer © 2004 Tom Krol Music, ASCAP
Abbott Labs Annual Meeting Video
Tom Krol - musician of all instruments, sound engineer, producer
Any Day Now (edited)
Winner of 1994 Billboard Song Award, Tom Krol - music composer, Tom Krol & Eric Batterman - producers, recording, mixing and mastering sound engineer, all guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming, Wendy Morgan - vocals and lyrics
Rainy Night (edited)
Tom Krol - composer, recording and mixing sound engineer, all guitars, Mark Beringer - bass, Eric Batterman - percussion. © 1999 Tom Krol Music, ASCAP
For No One (edited)
A recreation of the Beatle's song from the album "Revolver." Tom Krol - recording and mixing sound engineer, all guitars, vocals, drums, drum loops, bass, calliope, composer of additional verse and bridge melody. © 2009 Tom Krol Music, ASCAP
Jingle for Steve Foley Cadillac, Northbrook, IL
Tom Krol - composer, recording and mixing sound engineer, bass, horns, vocal producer, © 1998
General Cinema "Credits" Promotional Movie Trailer
Tom Krol - composer, orchestral arranging and sound design, recording and mixing sound engineer, © 1998
Bud Light "Pour Me" Heavy Metal
Ed Smaron - composer, Tom Krol - producer, recording and mixing sound engineer, all guitars, bass, drums, Tom & Ed - vocals, © 1997 Tom Krol Music, ASCAP
Cathy Richardson "Silver Heart" (edited)
Tom and Cathy - producers, Tom Krol - recording and mixing sound engineer, music producer
Swolts "You Got" (edited)
Tom Krol - vocal and instrument editing, mixing sound engineer, Eddie Caldwell - composer and producer, Swolts - rap
John Lawler "See How You Are" remix (edited)
This was originally a folk music track with guitar, vocals and percussion. Tom Krol - vocal and instrument editing, drum loop programming, recording and mixing sound engineer, remix music producer. John Lawler - composer, from his album "1743" recorded at Level 10 Sound.
Music sounds only as good as its engineercan make it sound

Tom Krol
Plays 5 instruments and sings professionally
Met in the studio: Frank Sinatra, James Earl Jones, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Ramsey Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Baxter (The Doobie Brothers) and The Dells.
Met & recorded Marion Brooks (NBC), Zoriada Sambolin (NBC), Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, WBBM's Felecia Middlebrooks, His Excellency Paul Kagame - President of Rwanda, Chicago Bears Matt Forte, Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Javier Baez, MLB Ryan Dempster, Fox Sports Troy Aikman, Victoria's Secret supermodel Karlie Kross, Tiffani Thiessen (90210, Saved by the Bell, Cooking Channel), S Epatha Merkerson (Law & Order, Chicago Med, major movies), Bill Rancic (first season winner on "The Apprentice"), Giuliana Rancic (E! news), Monica Pedersen (HGTV), WNUA's Denise Jordan Walker, Dr./Fr. Michael Pfleger, Dominic Capone (great nephew of Al Capone), CDW CEO Chris Leahy, Stepan CEO Quinn Stepan, Abbott CEO Miles White, Marcelo Balboa (US Soccer Hall of Fame), Elimar Ugueto (Univision, ESPN), Steve Downes of WDRV "The Drive," children's book authors Ridley Pearson and Tom Watson, Top Chef Stephanie Izard, Chef Raghavan Iyer, Ty Pennington, Grammy Award winner Kurt Elling, and Archbishop Burke of The Vatican.
Played guitar on the HALO 2 soundtrack to complement guitar tracks by Steve Vai, as well as guitars on countless national commercials and for Atlantic Records. Performed guitar live on WFMT.
Solves Rubik's cube
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