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Tom as AV Technical Director in Singapore, 2015
Tom at the Q Center, St. Charles, IL, 2008
Tom at Universal Recording, Chicago, 1989
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Tom Krol
Tom Krol is a professional musician, vocalist, sound engineer and residential electrician with a vast amount of live music performance and studio experience. A professional guitarist for 28 years, Tom is a native of Chicago’s suburban west side who grew up with music. At age thirteen, he received a piano scholarship with a teacher from Julliard and at age eighteen, a clarinet performance scholarship from DePaul University. He graduated DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Music degrees with a major in Sound Recording Technology. Tom sings, plays piano, bass and drums in addition to guitar and clarinet. He also has perfect pitch, composes and arranges music, and creates music charts on computer.
Tom started his career at Universal Recording on Walton Street in 1986. Later, Tom moved to Los Angeles and worked at Devonshire Recording in North Hollywood, CA and later returned to Chicago to record, mix, edit, and play guitar and clarinet for Chicago-area music houses in the 80's and 90's such as at Ken Hale’s What the Hale Music Production, ComTrack, Steve Samler Music, Charles Brown Music and Mosaic Music.
Tom started TK Audio in 1994 to provide recording, digital audio production, CD mastering, and custom music. Clients note Tom’s efficiency with Pro Tools and attention to detail and customer service. Tom personally manages projects of long-form narration in English and Spanish. He has a vast knowledge of English grammar and pronunciation and can produce dialog replacement to video while directing and conversing the entire time in Spanish. He has also produced audio projects in Chinese, French, and Polish. More than a sound engineer, Tom brings experienced ears and creativity to all his audio sessions.
Tom is also a live sound engineer providing technical setup and mixing of live corporate meetings. He also records on-location audio and offers a complete audio gear package. His knowledge of the National Electric Code as an electrician ensures that his audio setups are safe and efficient. Tom works both as a freelance audio contractor as well as producer/engineer at his own Wilmette audio studio.
In 2011, Tom released “Primero,” a music CD of solo classical guitar music. Phoenix Classical (of Phoenix Records, Canada) wrote this about the CD: “excellent performance,” “expressive and “emotive, “excellent production quality,” and “very good radio potential.”
In 2014, Tom becomes the top-call A1 sound engineer for a Chicago production house for broadcast audio of radio and TV satellite media tours, web streams and studio shoots. Production on his second solo classical guitar CD features Tom playing a guitar from the Richard Brune collection that was previously owned and played by Andres Segovia. Toward the end of 2014, a worldwide corporate pharma client sent Tom to Singapore for a week as their sole on-site technical director and sound engineer. The event went flawlessly.
In 2015, Tom is contacted more often to record and produce corporate field VO and repair damaged audio on videos. He continues to be a top-call sound engineer for streams, shoots and media tours. He became a member of NARAS, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
His other interests are racquetball, movies, Thai Chi, anything with music, and time with his wife and 2 children.
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